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"It's an absolutely humbling experience to have literally hundreds of people looking at you with their eyes telling a story of their own hopes and dreams.... There's a feeling that what you have attained for yourself--although only relatively short-lived, for a year--is a lifetime venture. It's a feeling of destiny." -- Laurel Lea Schaefer, Miss America 1972
Mallory Grimmett Headshot (3)
Izzy Darnell
Arianna Shinn
Rachel Carter
Olivia DeFrank
Bella Motto
Olivia Yokers
Lily McLauglin
Julianna Lee
Bridie Howard
Jessica Vasiliades
Courtney Storey
Katie Hitchens
Alexis Heath
Ana Presley
Loren Stukey
Alice Magato
Veronice Wende
Veronica Wende Miss Ohio's Oustanding Teen 2009
Taylor Crowe
Aunjanna Million
Aulauren Million
Kennedy Cooper
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