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Miss Greater Butler County 2024 Bryn Hasenaur

Bryn Hasenaur

Community Service Initiative Title: Elevating Accessibility: Breaking Barriers and Guiding Women to Success

Scholastic/Career Ambition: To further my education in sonography by gaining my Echo and
Pediatric Echo registry to scan patients within the NICU at a children's hospital. Go back to
school to continue my education to become an Ultrasound Educator.

Accomplishments: Achieved my SPI and RVT; Miss Ohio Spirit Award Recipient; Class President; Department Delegate for Volunteering Organization; Brand Ambassador of Laurel's Princess Parties; Rotary Student of the Month Recognition; National Honor Society Inductee; Student Summit Leader

Describe your personal health initiatives and alignment with #MissAmericaFit: I prioritize a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing daily physical activity and maintaining a balanced diet. This involves engaging in various forms of exercise, including gym sessions, walking, and participation in Purre Barre, and Pilates, as well as cardio and yoga classes. By focusing on nurturing my body, I enhance my overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects, thereby enriching all facets of my life.


What social issue, other than your CSI, will have the greatest impact on your generation and why: Many young people today struggle with feeling disconnected from the real world because they spend so much time online. This can affect how they interact with others and how they feel about themselves. Sometimes, just a short video can have a big impact on their mood for the whole day. This can lead to problems like feeling down or having trouble with friends. We need to remember to spend time away from screens and connect with the world around us.

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